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The SFARC consists of several members  who not only run for exercise and competition in race events, but also for pure enjoyment. Our purpose as an organization is to support and promote running in South Dakota, SW Minnesota, NE Nebraska and  NW Iowa.


We want to bring together runners at every level of ability to share in the running experience. Our primary focus at this time is to provide information on race events, group runs, and training.   We invite you to become a member of the SFARC by clicking on Membership Application.





Running Facts & Figures

The SFARC has been around a long time, but began officially on February 3, 1998, when members of the former Total Fitness Club held a meeting and adopted the current name. In March it issued its first newsletter with information about a local race and early interest about  the Sioux Falls Half Marathon.


In the July/August 1998 Newsletter it as announced that the Club had joined the national organization, Road Runners Club of America, of which it continues to be affiliated.  In the September/October Newsletter it stated that "It's official.  We have formally incorporated and registered with the South Dakota Secretary of State as non-profit corporation."

Sioux Falls Area Running Club

PO Box 727

Sioux Falls, SD 57101

[email protected]


The SFARC has been in existence for 17 years and counting!

Over 500,000 Americans finished a marathon in 2014!

Women accounted for 55% of road race finishers in 2014.

Running burns about 100 calories per mile for a 150-pound person

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Jeff Alvey


[email protected]


Marketing Co-Chair

Eva Gut

Events Chair

[email protected]

"Whether you think you can or you think you can't: you're right."

- Henry Ford

Nathan Schwab

Executive Chair & TRS Director

[email protected]

RC-Crest Nate-Schwab

Laurie Ayala

Membership Co-Chair

Sharleen Stevens

Membership Co-Chair


Marketing Co-Chair

Phil Breed

Admin Assistant & Secretary


Our Board is made up of volunteers who care about the Sioux Falls running comminuty and giving them the support they need and deserve.  


All Board members work on 3 year terms (or longer) and the group meets quarterly throughout the year.


There is also a Trail Series Committee to help run the logistics for the annual Trail Race Series.


If you are interested in joining our Board, TRS Committee, or volunteering at any of our events, please contact [email protected]!